Convenience, speed of service and equipment with the latest technology are just a small part of the advantages that distinguish Turkestan International Airport and Shymkent International Airport. Turkestan receives more than 7000 flights per week operated by 125 airlines in 260 directions. Choose an airline in accordance with the selected route and within the allocated budget will not be difficult.

Are you planning to come to Turkestan by car? Turkestan is connected with neighboring emirates by a first-class road network, which makes car travel the most popular way to get to know the country. The direction number indicates highways and main roads to Turkestan and Shymkent. The traffic in Shymkent is right-hand. The speed limit is clearly indicated by road signs: in the city and suburbs, the speed is usually limited to 60-80 km / h, on highways - 100-120 km / h.

Turkestan is famous for its mausoleums. But standard and budget hotels are also well represented here. Turkestan has both the world's leading hotel chains and more modest independent hotels and resorts. In any of them, you will be provided with excellent food, as well as a wide range of services and facilities for business meetings, sports events and recreation. Your guests will be satisfied with their stay in our vibrant and unique city..