In the perinatal center No. 3 of the Turkistan region, a 33-year-old woman gave birth to triplets.
March 15, 2022


Аn interdepartmental meeting was held under the chairmanship of Akim of Turkistan Nurbol Turashbekov in order to resolve topical issues. The meeting was attended by the chairman of the city court Aigul Zhanbyrbayeva, the city prosecutor Zhannur Akhmetbek, Marat Sharipov from the Turkestan Specialized Administrative Court.During the transformation of the city of Turkistan into a regional center, many issues related to the development and preparation of the master plan of urban development arose. After the Master Plan approved in November 2019, the issues on the detailed city plan, new development according to the Master Plan, the red line, objects falling into the green belt around the city were on the agenda.Together with the akimat and the prosecutor’s office of the city, the problem of the red line was analyzed in detail, paperwork was arranged for the objects of inner-city development, residential and commercial facilities built before the introduction of the new General Plan. As a result, about 1,700 resolutions of land plots that have not been resolved since 2016 were studied and transferred in accordance with the law. Additionally, a detailed city plan is being developed.At the meeting, it was proposed to legalize the documents for the issuance of land in the Bekzat microdistrict in court. Of the 723 land plots, 200 were built residential houses. Based on the recommendations of the interdepartmental commission, 16 property rights were recognized, 8 of which received a positive conclusion of the land commission. The number of documents submitted to the Land Commission by the decisions of the rural district of Yassy is 108, of which 54 documents were agreed with the commission, 18 resolutions were adopted. The work is still ongoing.

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