How to spend time in Turkestan

From the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasavi to the Botanical garden: the main symbols of Turkestan.

Turkestan is a city of miracles that can only be believed when you see them with your own eyes. This is a city where masterpieces of modern architecture coexist with historical neighborhoods. We will tell you about the main attractions that everyone who comes to Turkestan should visit.

Mausoleum Of Khoja Ahmed Yasavi

The Symbol Of Turkestan

Khoja Ahmed Yasavi mausoleum is a mausoleum on the grave of the poet and preacher Khoja Ahmed Yasavi, located in the city of Turkestan in the Turkestan region of Kazakhstan. It is the Central object on the territory of the historical and cultural Museum-reserve "Hazret-Sultan".
Important information
Address: Turkestan
Height: 39 m
Operating time:
Opens at 09: 00 Closing soon: 18:00